Nice stuff people said

‘A rival to Gone Girl for its addictive, twisted plot.’ STYLIST

‘[A] successful foray into Girl on the Train territory, replete with jealousy, stalking, gaslighting and control-freakery.’ THE GUARDIAN

‘A deliciously twisted thriller.’ RED

‘Some thrillers peter out, but this atmospheric read really ramps up the pace as it nears its chilling end.’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

‘Corcoran maintains suspense throughout and is brave enough not to opt for a fairytale ending.’ DAILY MAIL

‘A well- paced, insightful but ultimately twisted look at modern life.’ THE SUN

‘The narrative flows effortlessly as the tension ramps up.’ MY WEEKLY

‘I could not put it down…a fantastically written, deeply dark story that raises important issues.’ THE COURIER

‘A claustrophobic, creepy and atmospheric read.’ WRITING.IE

‘A terrific debut, which gripped me from the very first page’ CASS GREEN, bestselling author of In a Cottage In a Wood

‘The writing is so vivid it’s frightening…an astonishingly powerful exploration of how our own minds can be the darkest, scariest places of all.’ DAISY BUCHANAN, award winning journalist and author

‘SO EXCELLENT…creepy, compelling and genuinely unputdownable.’ LUCY VINE, journalist and bestselling author of Hot Mess

‘Bursting with tension and an impending sense of doom, this book will make sure you never look at your neighbours the same again. A stunning debut.’ CLAIRE ALLAN, bestselling author of Her Name Was Rose

‘I was completely gripped. A compelling, emotionally intelligent human drama with superbly drawn characters.’ BP WALTER, author of A Version of the Truth

‘Utterly addictive and unnerving. I was on edge right up to the last page…the best thriller I’ve read in years.’ JO USMAR


“Having worked with Caroline on three consumer magazines in the last decade – and commissioned her countless times more – I recommend her unreservedly. Thorough, diligent and great at brainstorming, she delivers punchy, tone-packed copy that can (when you want it to) make you laugh out loud. She’s one of the few people in the industry I trust 100% to nail a brief or manage a project.”

Susan Riley, Deputy Editor, Stylist

“When I’m looking for a clever, funny spin on a news story, the first person I think of commissioning is Caroline. She pitches original, timely ideas and consistently files sparkling copy that I can put straight through, which is such a valuable and rare skill in a freelancer – and essential when you’re working on a daily deadline.”

Kate Wills, Features Commissioning Editor, The Independent and i

“Caroline is genuinely a delight to work with and I wish she was on my team (don’t worry I have asked her several times!). She has great ideas, genuinely tries to get inside the head of our audience – which is tricky even for some of the people in the building – and always delivers clean, colourful and funny copy. She’s hilarious on Twitter, utterly reliable and has become a good friend. Always the sign of a strong working relationship!”

Julia White, Head of Showbiz and Social Media, Yahoo UK

“If I had the budget (or, er, the power) to freelance the entire magazine out to Caroline every week, I would. Her writing isn’t just sharp and insightful – it also makes me choke with laughter and spray cold tea out of my nose. Oh, and I’ve never known her to misplace an apostrophe. Which is a big deal.”

Corinne Redfern, Features and Entertainment Editor, Look


One thought on “Nice stuff people said

  1. The Baby Group, one of the best books I have read in a long time. Totally hooked from the first page. Can’t wait to read more of your books.

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