Nice stuff people said

“Having worked with Caroline on three consumer magazines in the last decade – and commissioned her countless times more – I recommend her unreservedly. Thorough, diligent and great at brainstorming, she delivers punchy, tone-packed copy that can (when you want it to) make you laugh out loud. She’s one of the few people in the industry I trust 100% to nail a brief or manage a project.”

Susan Riley, Deputy Editor, Stylist

“When I’m looking for a clever, funny spin on a news story, the first person I think of commissioning is Caroline. She pitches original, timely ideas and consistently files sparkling copy that I can put straight through, which is such a valuable and rare skill in a freelancer – and essential when you’re working on a daily deadline.”

Kate Wills, Features Commissioning Editor, The Independent and i

“Caroline is genuinely a delight to work with and I wish she was on my team (don’t worry I have asked her several times!). She has great ideas, genuinely tries to get inside the head of our audience – which is tricky even for some of the people in the building – and always delivers clean, colourful and funny copy. She’s hilarious on Twitter, utterly reliable and has become a good friend. Always the sign of a strong working relationship!”

Julia White, Head of Showbiz and Social Media, Yahoo UK

“If I had the budget (or, er, the power) to freelance the entire magazine out to Caroline every week, I would. Her writing isn’t just sharp and insightful – it also makes me choke with laughter and spray cold tea out of my nose. Oh, and I’ve never known her to misplace an apostrophe. Which is a big deal.”

Corinne Redfern, Features and Entertainment Editor, Look

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