About Me

My name’s Caroline, and I love words.

I used to write and edit them mostly for magazines, newspapers, websites and apps, as well as copywriting for brands. In the background of that though, I was pretty much always trying to write books, and finally, in 2019, I managed it. Hurrah!

Through The Wall came out in 2019, was released across multiple foreign territories and in a proper pinch yourself moment, was even a Sunday Times Bestseller. I stood in front of it and took photos in a lot of places. See above.

My second novel The Baby Group followed in September 2020 and I signed a new deal along the way. The third, Five Days Missing, came out in 2022 followed by What Happened On Floor 34? in January 2023. Yes, my RSI is pretty bad.

Journalism wise, I have worked for most of the top brands in the country, including Stylist, Grazia, Marie Claire, The Pool, Refinery 29, Heat, Now, Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, Look, The Mirror, The i, The Independent, Mush, The Telegraph’s Wonder Women, The Guardian, Metro and Yahoo.

Copywriting clients have included top-name brand agencies like The Sunshine Company where I worked on the Baileys Prize For Fiction, Warehouse and Boden, Homemade (through creative agency Gravity Road), media companies like Virgin Media, Hearst and Telegraph Media and websites like NCT and student.com, where my role was to help push through more bookings with sparkling, inviting copy.

I am an experienced interviewer, both live and non-live and regularly chair and host book events. I also have experience contributing to TV and radio outlets like Sky News, Channel 4 and Radio 5 Live, writing non-fiction books, tweeting for brands, blogging and writing for apps. Basically, I am a big fan of words (preferred kind: puns).

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Caroline,
    I lifted Through The Wall last week in Tesco after finding the synopsis on the back cover intriguing.
    I cannot put it down. I love it and and it’s so good that I’m very surprised it’s your first book. So well written ,not to mention thrilling!
    Can’t wait for your future books.
    Well done and congrats on TTW!

  2. I am totally engrossed in Through the Wall. So much so I found this page while looking in the hope that there are more books by the same author and I haven’t even got to the end yet! Simple brilliant.

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