About Me

I am a lifestyle and popular culture journalist and copywriter with over a decade’s experience.

I have worked for most of the top magazines, newspapers and websites in the country, including Stylist, Grazia, Marie Claire, The Pool, Refinery 29, Heat, Now, Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, Look, The Mirror, The Independent, Mush, The Telegraph’s Wonder Women, The Guardian, Metro and Yahoo.

Copywriting clients have included top-name brand agencies like The Sunshine Company where I worked on the Baileys Prize For Fiction, Warehouse and Boden, Homemade (through creative agency Gravity Road), media companies like Virgin Media, Hearst and Telegraph Media and websites like student.com, where my role was to help push through more bookings with sparkling, inviting copy.

I have also contributed to Sky News, Channel 4, Radio 5 Live and other TV and radio outlets on pop culture topics like the Bridget Jones phenomenon and the influence of the media in the lives of teenagers. 

Previous to being freelance, I was Editor of 3am Online, the showbiz arm of The Mirror, Features Editor at Fabulous magazine, Commissioning Editor at More! magazine and Deputy Editor at Sugar magazine. Since going freelance in April 2013, I have also expanded into penning non-fiction books like this one, tweeting for brands, blogging, writing for apps and my first novel Through The Wall is out in September 2019, available to pre-order now. Basically, I’m a big fan of words (preferred kind: puns).


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